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Obedience & Behavior

All of our current puppy and obedience lessons are one-on-one sessions. Each lesson is customized to your individual puppy's needs. Best part? The entire time is dedicated to you. Check out what we offer below

Puppy Training

Perfect Puppy

Got a new puppy? Feeling overwhelmed? We can Help!

In our puppy one-on-one sessions we will cover...

Potty training

Basic obedience

Cooperative care


And more!

A customizable training program developed for you and your dog. Be it;

Pulling on lead

Excessive barking


Resource guarding

We can tackle any problem behavior!

Basic Obedience

Mindful Manners

With your goals in mind, our obedience one-on-one sessions will cover real life skills including;

Sit and down

Loose leash walking

Listening without seeing treats

Coming when called

Focused Heel

And more!

Dog Skills

All Things Behavior

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